Sailing: The greatest way to experience Holland

The greatest way to experience Holland: sailing with family, friends or colleagues! Enjoy a day on the water and feel completely relaxed when stepping foot on land again.
A day on our sailboat is a unique, exciting and fun experience for everyone.
Dancing on the waves, the wind rushing through your hair and the salty air create the perfect relaxation vibe while sitting in the sun, looking out on the horizon or keeping an eye on other ships.
Our boat hosts groups up to 6 persons, couples and even solo-adventurers.
Don’t hesitate to contact us so we can look at the options together.
If the kids won’t get bored on a boat without Wifi, you wonder?
Don't worry! Hoisting the sails, dangling feet in the water or even steering will make for an unforgettable and eventful day on the water!

The ship's home port is St. Annaland in Zeeland. The province, located in the South-West of the country, consists of a number of islands, peninsulas (hence it's name, "Sealand") and a strip bordering Belgium.
A bigger map can be found on this page.

Zeiltochten in Zeeland


Together with our kids, we - Simone and André – sail a lot in the Netherlands. During summer holidays we have sailed to the UK, France and Denmark.
André has been sailing since he was a kid and loves nothing more than being on the water and teaching others how to sail.
Simone is our hospitality lady! She loves taking care of people on a sailing day, providing drinks and snacks for all the people on board.
Together we would love to show you what an amazing activity sailing really is during a day that you will remember for a long time.
Contact us and maybe we see you soon!

Photo's of the ship

At this page you see more photo's of our ship.